Poseidon Marine Limited Directors are shareholders in MOC Shipyards and have been constructing fit for purpose commercial vessels ideally suited to the South Pacific and beyond. Our own shipyards are located in India where we can pass on a low construction cost whilst maintaining quality to meet all IACS Classification Societies.

In addition Poseidon Marine has partnered with shipyards in Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia to ensure a harmonious product range tailored to suit all budgets. We pride ourselves as being here to meet and exceed your expectations on quality, delivery times, maintenance cost, and resale value


Poseidon Marine South Pacific Commercial Marine Brokerage Division focus is to provide the maritime industry with the highest standard of sale & purchase, chartering and market intelligence.

We relish the opportunity to guide and satisfy our clients' demands with our comprehensive knowledge of marine industry, trustworthiness and rapid effective guidance. We assume and approach all demands as our own project; thus, in this direction we always find and create the most appropriate optimal solutions - for you the buyer.


Poseidon Marine South Pacific has gained international recognition for services pertaining to the valuation of maritime assets and vessels.

Ranging from large commercial ships down to small fishing and charter vessels we have the experience to provide you with an accurate valuation,  should you require a ship or boat valuation, for example sales value determination, pre-purchase value, insurance purposes, Government arrest and disposal, annual company accounting, matrimonial dispute / separation or any other reason we are the company of choice and utilise industry best practice.

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