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Poseidon Marine South Pacific are designers, builders and brokers, we like to think we can find the answers for all our customers. What really gets us going, is designing, building or trading a ship for you. Every business and every situation requires its own unique solution, and that’s what makes us tick, realizing your unique business opportunity.

  • Poseidon Marine South Pacific comprehend the importance of a fit for purpose vessel. Pushing boundaries, developing cutting edge technology and design solutions to get you ahead of the game is what we do. We strive to understand the heart of your business and conceive ship solutions that will sustain your operation, improve productivity, cost-efficiency, and profitability. By working closely together with our clients, we design and build, fit for purpose ships to future proof your operation.

  • Working together closely is about being a partner, and at Poseidon Marine South Pacific, we believe in genuine partnerships – the kind built on personal trust. That’s how we’ve built and continue to build our business and ships, with our team and with you.

  • In today’s challenging market conditions we are very clear on our role in this world. We enable ship owners to use the ships they need to deliver their long-term business goals. We bring a commitment of exceptional customer focus to everything we do, from our smart engineering to post-delivery support, every step along the way. We do this through our partnership approach and offering tailor made shipbuilding solutions where you need them.

  • Based on our performance over the years, Poseidon Marine South Pacific ships have come to stand for quality, trust and efficiency. And we will continue to meet and surpass this standard every day.

  • Safety and Sustainability – Safety first. We put safety first. No compromises. We look after each other and make sure everyone gets home safely. We consider people, planet and profit in all of our decisions and actions. We contribute to a sustainable business, environment and community.

  • Passion – We live our spirit! We bring energy and enthusiasm to our work. We balance hard work and fun and we take pride in doing a job well. We strive to make a difference every day with our colleagues and customers. We care!

  • Integrity – We do what is right. We are open and honest, and lead by example. We build trust with others and are trustworthy. We admit our mistakes and use them as an opportunity to improve our skills and processes.

  • Reliability – We deliver. We do what we say we will do. We have high standards and deliver quality results. We build enduring customer relationships and solutions. We hold each other accountable and follow through on our commitments. We are operational leaders!

  • Innovation – We embrace change. We seek and promote new thinking and ideas. We support change and encourage others to do the same. We look for ways to be ahead of the curve and to create value added results. We strive to constantly learn and improve.

  • Teamwork – We are team players. We value and respect each other. We work together and promote a spirit of cooperation. We encourage diverse perspectives, and value the opportunity to listen and be listened to. We help others be successful. We celebrate success!                                                                       

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